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Development Direction of Cold Roll


The development of cold rolling rolls is driven by the pull of the cold rolling industry and the related technology of roll manufacturing. From the demand of the cold rolling industry, the requirements of increasing wear resistance, roughness retention, accident resistance and uniformity are becoming higher and higher. The purpose is to realize free rolling, rolling high-grade plate, reducing roll consumption, etc. Driven by these requirements, roll manufacturing enterprises are constantly striving to improve and innovate roll manufacturing technology.

(1) The alloy composition of forged steel rolls is increasing continuously. 5% Cr, 8% Cr, semi-high speed steel, high speed steel and other high alloy steels are used in cold rolls. At the same time, the material of rolls will keep a variety to meet the needs of different rolling conditions.

(2) The application of new roll blank composite manufacturing technology. In order to meet the requirements of high wear resistance on the surface of roll and high comprehensive mechanical properties on the core, some manufacturers have been exploring the application of new surface composite technology such as electroslag casting, CPC, OSPRAY in the preparation of roll blank.

(3) The application of new roll heat treatment and processing technology. The application of large NC machine tools, the trial application of computer-controlled heating furnace and quenching equipment can increase the manufacturing accuracy and surface uniformity of rolls and meet the needs of high-grade rolling mills.

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